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Judge Penny Gives "Real" Advice

How to walk away from a bad relationship

I realize that it hard to leave someone you love. But you have to remember that everyone you love may not be good for you. I am certain that deep within your heart, you know if that person is not good for your life. We tend to focus and live on the potential of the relationship and what it could be or what it was. We reflect on the good moments and look past all the signs and red flags that are in our reality letting us know that this person is not good for us.

Remaining in a bad relationship has more to do with you then the other person. It has to do with your lack of self-esteem, it means being comfortable and not wanting a change.

It is hard to let go. You have to remember that every time you allow yourself to be mistreated, it takes something away from who you are.

You deserve to get back what you give. Staying in a bad relationship will never allow you the opportunity to grow and be yourself. You are missing out on the other people who could come into your life who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Trust yourself and love yourself enough to know that you deserve to be around someone who brings you joy. You deserve to be around someone who respects you, listens to you, honors you and is not trying to change you. Leaving it not easy, but staying will never change anything.




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