The Honorable Penny Brown Reynolds
Based on Judge Brown Reynolds’ vast knowledge, experience, and expertise, she is a popular media guest who provides commentary on a variety of topics including the areas of law, politics, mediation & arbitration, social justice, gender and race, women and children’s issues, religion and family relations, as well as pop culture and business relations. She hosted the nationally syndicated court show, Family Court with Judge Penny, for which she is Emmy award nominated. Judge Brown Reynolds has provided commentary on the syndicated talk show Dr. Phil and HLN’s Dr. Drew & Showbiz Tonight, as well as appeared or been featured on the cover of magazines and national publications and has appeared on CNN, FOX, NBC, TBN and stations throughout the country. She was selected as one of America’s leading intellectuals by CNN and Essence Magazine for the groundbreaking series, Reclaiming the Dream, in association with the Black in America CNN special. Press
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